Born of tradition. Raised by originality. A potent combination of experience & elbow grease. Fitzke Paddleboards seamlessly melds them all with stunning results.




A timeless look perfected by modern-day technique.


The inspiration for my first board—The Bootlegger—can be found roughly 100 years in the past. Based on the designs of prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 1920’s and 30's, The Bootlegger is fast, tracks very straight and, most importantly, features a water-resistant storage compartment that’s tucked into the front of the board. This hiding spot is the signature element of The Bootlegger, and is perfect for storing everything from sandals, an on-the-water picnic, to your phone (in a plastic bag), wallet, keys or perhaps your favorite bottle of booze.





Featuring a touring-style design, The Bootlegger made from the best marine-grade mahogany plywood money can buy. It’s sleek and takes advantage of the finest techniques in woodcraft. The Bootlegger is built with less than 10% solid wood, assuring minimal-to-zero wood expansion due to weather and climate change. This guarantees no wood and joinery splitting or cracks due to moisture change. When all the wood is set, we hand-paint the graphics and employ a buffing sequence on the varnish for a museum-quality shine. The result is a stunningly beautiful board that’s perfect for the advanced-beginner to intermediate rider.




There’s nothing quite like The Bootlegger on the water today. And not just because the design itself is patent-pending, but each one of our models is built to order—by hand. 
The only question that remains is what will you store in your Bootlegger?




  • Made using European 1088 Standards and Lloyds Registered Marine Grade Mahogany Plywood.
  • Features cold-molding building techniques for a water-tight seal.
  • A two-part epoxy is used for all joinery. This adhesive has 8500 psi tensile strength and 13,200 psi flexural strength.
  • The board has a fiberglass epoxy bottom and epoxy resin-impregnated sides and top, ensuring a water-tight seal and the ultimate in strength.
  • Marine grade wood stain, varnish and paint.
  • Ergonomic 5mm-thick SeaDek standing pad.
  • Aluminum and PVC base rubber trim keeps paddle dents and transportation scratches to an absolute minimum.
  • Synthetic molded fin, fin box and carry handle.

Overall Length: 12' 6" 

Overall Width: 29 3/4"

Width at Waterline: 27"

Weight: 38-42 lbs


Each Bootlegger Paddle Board is built-to-order with color options for wood stain, standing deck pad and checkered paint pattern included.


- Limited production per year -

- Bespoke branding and graphic designs are available -

- Wood grain will vary -




If you have any questions, please leave a message below.   

 Thanks - Kevin Fitzke